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Variety of recipes including main dishes, salads, soups, deserts, etc.

We know that you love nuts and dried fruits and all the healthy stuff that’s so good for you. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find creative and delicious ways to incorporate them into your healthy eating lifestyle!

This blog will offer you a wide variety of recipes including main dishes, salads, soups, cookies, deserts, dressings, etc. The recipes you’ll find here come from all over the world, yet they can easily be adjusted to your lifestyle and your personal culinary preferences. Our products are designed to be compatible with a healthy lifestyle. The extensive selection of products that we offer our NutStop customers can be incorporated into the amazing recipes you’ll find here.

Are you wondering who it is that’s creating the culinary magic that you’ll discover in the recipes you‘ll find in this blog? Our dearest @D.Seelin is a passionate cook who loves to experiment with flavor combinations and mix cuisines. She studied in a Hospitality School in Marbella, Spain where she worked with professional restaurant chefs to learn the basics of “a la carte” cuisine, baking essentials, and many more. She had a chance to work as a chef in her school and in a small upscale restaurant. While studying in Spain, she traveled all over Europe and absorbed the beauty of each country’s food – Italian and Spanish colorfulness, French delicacy, German and Slovakian brutality, Swiss conservatism, Dutch contemporary etc. @D.Seelin also used to live and work in Switzerland and the Caribbean before moving to one of the most gourmet cities in the world – Chicago! This city gave her even better insights into world cuisine.

Today @D.Seelin is happy to share her gastronomic experience with all NutStop lovers! Each of her recipes will include ingredients that you will be able to purchase in our online store.

Check out the recipes now! Give them a try. Share your comments and suggestions. We would love your feedback!